Vote FIFTH HARMONY for Best US Act for the EMA

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Normani’s reaction seeing the brazilian fans outside the hotel



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Go here to vote online, hashtags don’t count.

As far as it is known you can vote as many times as you like, but do not use any type of auto-clicker. Go here and read over the rules and if you can, download the app voting is so much faster.

For the spanish, latin fans, etc. you don’t need to change your IP, if the “Best US Act” category doesn’t appear, just change the language in your phone to english.


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Camila’s booty shorts

camila_cabello: autumn in miami. it’s clearly gonna be a white Christmas.

Fifth Harmony for Naked Magazine


Exclusive pic of Laurens tattoo

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The girls in Naked Magazine

5H + Sismances

  Laurinah        (more here)



The girls on the cover of Voice Vital

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